About us

Shandong Neptuniancube Technology Co., ltd. was established in 2007. The original company name is Jinan Haiding Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Jinan ornamental fish industry association of the first batch of governing units, the company is committed to the development of the domestic Marine life appreciation cause. We are a company with a conscience. While sourcing wildlife, we are also actively involved in the artificial breeding of Marine life.

Company leadership is a group of senior sea water enthusiasts, most of the staff graduated from the well-known domestic aquaculture colleges. It is a young enterprise full of energy and passion.

At the beginning of its establishment, Haiding Industry and Trade Co., ltd. became the agent of shandong province for many well-known international and domestic brands such as bimolfinland in the red sea. We provide high quality seawater equipment and perfect technical service to customers and businessmen all over the country.

In 2008, the company established Haiding Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.(later renamed Neptuniancube) chain brand image store in jinan, shandong province. It has become the largest and most professional seawater specialty store in east China. So far, Neptuniancube has created several industry firsts. Design and construct numerous exquisite waterscape projects for enterprise and family customers. In addition, it has become the sole technical support and maintenance provider for many well-known enterprises, such as furede plastic apaches club boshi wine cellar, etc.

In 2009, the company set up a procurement base in qionghai, hainan province. On ocean-going ships and fish fillets, the primary source of Marine life is from xisha, nansha and the coastal waters of hainan province. Through the serious treatment and recuperation of our professional technicians, these sea creatures have been flying vigorously to all parts of the country.

In 2010, we set up a Marine biological breeding laboratory in sanya, hainan province. We have cooperated with many scientific research institutions, such as Qingdao university of technology, Marine research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, south China sea fisheries research institute, sanya nanfan science and technology research institute, and made a series of achievements in the variety of artificial breeding Marine life.

In March 2010, the company designed and built the first factory breeding workshop for douyu in China for the nanfan science and technology research institute of sanya

In October 2010, I planned and organized the first Marine exhibition in hainan province

In 2011, we launched the first domestic aquarium -- Z series aquarium -- specially designed for Marine life after years of research and development. Filled the domestic seawater aquarium industry blank.

Planned and organized coral reefs in May 2011

In 2012, we participated in the most professional aquarium exhibition in China -- the 16th China international pet aquarium products exhibition, which was highly praised by domestic and foreign merchants. In 2013, we developed the C series of sea water aquarium and the X series of sea water shop application products, and participated in the 17th China international pet aquatic products exhibition

In 2014, we developed the T series Marine aquatic animals box and LED lamps specially designed for sea water -- magic star

In 2015, we developed series K Marine aquatic animals box and artificial sea salt feed and other products, and participated in the 19th China international pet aquatic products exhibition

In 2016, we developed the world series of high-end customized aquariums, and participated in the 20th China international pet aquatic products exhibition

Marine life appreciation is an inevitable trend after the aquarium industry has developed to a certain stage. Since the development of aquarium industry, the cultivation and appreciation of traditional freshwater organisms have been very popular, and the demand for new Marine ornamental organisms is increasing year by year. At present, with the further improvement of people's living quality and economic level, the seawater ornamental creatures have gradually entered people's sight, and the miniature underwater world has entered thousands of households with a rapid speed. Since the 1990s, some developed cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, have seen rapid development of the sea ornamental fish industry. The large number of aquariums has also entered inland cities, bringing a huge demand for Marine life, which means that we have a huge untapped market in front of us.