Congratulations on the establishment of jinan ornamental fish industry association


With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards and quality of life continue to improve and have a higher level of healthy and civilized lifestyle and spiritual needs. Ornamental fish, as a kind of living art, has become a popular pastime among urban people after busy work. It has become a favorite pet because of its beautiful colors and the concept of aquatic landscape, making the ornamental fish industry develop rapidly, especially the Marine aquarium industry. In recent years, the ornamental fish industry in Jinan has developed rapidly, especially the banning aquarium market and the small surrounding aquarium market, making Jinan an important distribution center in Shandong province and the surrounding inland areas.

Jinan ornamental fish industry association was established to further promote the development of the local fish industry, under the support of the people at all levels and industry, the ornamental fish industry activities and affiliated industries project deeply and widely, to a certain extent, drive the aquarium industry consumption increases, the positive influence on the aquarium industry in Shandong province.

The ornamental fish industry is a new type of industry based on aquatic ornamental fish plants and animals, which integrates such elements as ornamental fish breeding, ornamental fish feed, aquarium equipment, ornamental fish sales, and aquarium culture.

Its main characteristics are shown in the following aspects: first, the association system is sound, radiation branch capacity is strong, leading enterprises drive the role of obvious; Second, it has strong scientific and technological support and outstanding function of popularizing service system, which is conducive to the establishment of mobile service team with its own characteristics. Third, resource integration needs to integrate many elements such as technology, environment, and culture, which is mainly reflected in diversified marketing models from traditional product marketing to cultural marketing, wholesale market, retail flower and bird market, professional exhibition marketing, spontaneous communication between the public and online direct selling. Fourth, the information channel is wider, the service function is enhanced, the market prospect is more optimistic, the product sells to each place in the country better, serves for more ornamental fish lovers. The establishment of the association can basically form a virtuous cycle from production base to market sales, and provide services for regional members from the seedling provision, technical services, and market sales, thus achieving better results.

In conclusion, the establishment of the ornamental fish association in Jinan has promoted the diversified marketing of ornamental fish, promoted the cultural exchange of aquarium industry, played the leading role of science and technology of the association, promoted the industrialized development of ornamental fish, and further satisfied people's spiritual demand for the ornamental fish.