Marine Fish Food and Coral Food


Fish Food

1neptunian cube marine fish food


Rich in amino acids, vitamins, phospholipids and various minerals. All raw materials are natural raw materials and no contain artificial antioxidants and preservatives added. Long-term use has a significant effect on coral growth and color enhancement and has no pollution to water quality.


Crude protein >55%, Crude fat >11%, Crude fiber<2%, Crude ash

Coral Food

neptunian cube coral food


Nutritional ingredients are similar to natural baits. It adopts high-quality imported raw materials and uses the scientific, rigorous and professional formula to improve fish resistance and activity. Adaptable and easy to digest.


Crude protein ≥49%, Crude fat ≥7%, Crude fiber ≤4%, Crude ash ≤10%, Calcium 4%,Total phosphorus >1.5%, Moisture ≤7%, Lysine ≥2%.